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Rules & Regulations


  1. Burial rights in cemetery lots may be purchased from an authorized representative of the Board of Trustees of Winton Cemetery District at the business office located on the cemetery grounds. The terms of sale are cash. Upon payment in full, and payment of the Endowment Care Fund deposit, a Certificate to Burial Rights, executed by an authorized representative of the Board of Trustees, shall be issued to the purchaser.
  2. No interment may be made, or other services rendered, until all charges for lots and services and the Endowment Care Fund deposit have been paid.
  3. The only approved vault is a concrete box that shall be used in every interment, excluding cremations and infant interments.
  4. The remains or cremains of the deceased shall be brought to the cemetery in a closed casket, urn or other approved container.
  5. Not more than one interment may be made in any lot unless double depth interment is requested before first burial is made, except cremations, mother and infant child, twin children or two children buried at the same time.
  6. Final committal services shall not begin before 9:00AM or later than 3:30 PM. Saturday interments may be made upon payment of the surcharge fixed by the Board of Trustees. No interments will be made on Sundays, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
  7. Orders to open graves must be signed by a member of the family of the deceased at least one full business day preceding burial.
  8. No opening or closing of a grave, or the placement of any plant, tree, or any other ornament or device, shall be made by anyone except employees of the Cemetery District.
  9. No marker, plant, tree, or other ornament or device shall be permitted on cemetery lots, excepting approved headstones placed in accordance with cemetery rules governing headstones as follows:
    1. The owner of the burial lot and/or the person who purchases the marker is obligated to maintain it.
    2. The owner of the burial plot and/or person who purchases the headstone shall defend and indemnify the Cemetery District for any injuries arising therefrom.
    3. The pouring of concrete slabs for placement of markers is only to be done by cemetery staff (cemetery fee applies).
    4. Upright markers are allowed in all sections of the cemetery with the exception of Blocks 28, 30, 30B, 33 and 34. These areas allow flat markers only. The size of the marker must meet cemetery guidelines. Upright Markers must be secured down. Upright Markers must include a dowel and be glued down.
  10. Fresh flowers, plants and artificial flowers placed in appropriate containers will be removed when they become unsightly. Items must be placed neatly on the stone or cement. No glass containers, fences, decorative rocks or alcohol beverage containers allowed.
  11. Persons with dogs, or firearms shall not be permitted to enter the grounds. Rapid driving within the cemetery grounds is prohibited. Alcohol and other illegal substances are prohibited on the cemetery grounds.
  12. No lot, or any part thereof, shall be transferred without the consent of the Board of Trustees. A transfer fee will be charged for lot transfers.
  13. The District reserves the right, when necessity or in the best interest of the District demand, to remove and re-inter bodies that may have been interred, keeping accurate record of such relocation and, whenever possible, notifying the purchaser before the relocation is made.

Revised 09/10/15