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Gravesite Service Policy

On the day of your burial, we will set up 10 chairs at the gravesite. You may request more chairs if needed, and if they are available, we may add more. If there is more than one service taking place, we will not be able to provide any additional chairs. Services conducted at the chapel will be set up with 20 chairs. The Winton Cemetery District employees shall not assist as pallbearers.  If no pallbearers are provided for a burial service, it is the responsibility of the servicing mortuary to provide staff in the carrying and placing of the casket onto the lowering device. 

Musical groups, hired by the family of the decedent, are permitted only during the service.


All services must be scheduled at least 72 hours ahead of time. No services shall be scheduled after 2:00pm Monday – Saturday. You may schedule a Saturday/Holiday service for an additional fee of $600 for a full burial or $360 for a cremation burial. Although we allow holiday services, we do not permit services to be scheduled on Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. No Sunday services will be permitted.

In order to serve every family in a timely manner, the cemetery allows a maximum of 1-hour for a committal service. Any service that exceeds their 1-hour committal service will be charged $240 per hour.  Your headstone will not be placed if you have any pending fees.


Furthermore, if you are more than 30 minutes late for your scheduled time to be here you may be at risk of your burial being canceled and needing to be rescheduled due to the District’s busy burial schedule. If you are scheduled for 2:00pm and still haven’t arrived to the cemetery by the 30-minute mark your burial will be automatically canceled due to no services allowed to be here passed 3:15pm. No exceptions. If there is no communication that you are going to be here past your scheduled time your burial will be canceled, and burials already on the schedule will take priority, meaning we may not be able to accommodate the new date and time you may be wanting. In the event that your burial is canceled and rescheduled there will be an additional charge of $120.


Please note it is your responsibility to be in communication with the Winton Cemetery District, and it is not the Winton Cemetery District’s responsibility to remind families the day of the service that they have exceed the 1-hour committal service.



Amended: 6/12/2023