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Winton Cemetery District recognizes that its employees are an important resource.  Therefore, employees are encouraged to seek training and education in order to increase job competence and to prepare for possible future advancement.


A written record of all formal job-related training and education is maintained for each employee, whether the training is initiated by Winton Cemetery District or the employee.  Each employee is requested to inform their supervisor of outside activities which are undertaken to improve their competence.  Memberships in professional associations related to the Winton Cemetery District industry are also encouraged.


It may periodically be necessary or desirable for an employee to participate in activities outside the normal work location, and it is the policy of Winton Cemetery District to reimburse all reasonable expenses.  Employees attending these events must have prior approval.  All travel arrangements must also be approved.  Receipts for expenses incurred must be submitted immediately after the event to the accounting department for reimbursement.  If cash advances are necessary, prior approval must be obtained.


If any reimbursement is due to Winton Cemetery District because the amount of the cash advance or per diem exceeds actual expenses, the employee is to reimburse Winton Cemetery District the difference immediately upon return from the event.  Reimbursement is available for the following:


1.     Personal vehicle travel expenses to and from the event.  However, travel expenses are not reimbursable if the distance does not exceed the normal distance an employee travels to and from work.  Travel expenses are calculated from the employee’s assigned work location.


2.     Parking fees and bridge tolls.


3.     Reasonable meal expenses.


4.     Lodging.


5.     Airline tickets or other transportation fares.  Taxi/bus fares.


It is the employee’s responsibility to clarify any questions regarding reimbursement of expenses prior to incurring the expense.