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Headstone Information

May contain: grass, nature, outdoors, park, plant, grove, land, tree, vegetation, woodland, flag, person, graveyard, and tree trunk

Stone Policies

  1. Any person ordering a marker or monument shall personally check with District Personnel for rules and regulations for each section and type of burial before ordering a stone, marker, or monument.
  2. All setting of markers, bases, and monuments will be set by the monument company where the marker was purchased from before Winton Cemetery District will pour the slab.
  3. All upright stones, markers, or monuments will be set by the seller of said marker or monument.
  4. If District personnel is needed to assist the seller in installation of said marker or monument, the District personnel shall not be held liable or responsible for any loss, breakage, or damage to said items.
  5. All work shall be accomplished according to the schedule adopted by the district.
  6. Written authorization from the family shall be required on any removal of markers.
  7. Once installed, the District will not be held responsible for any loss, breakage or damage to any stones, markers, monuments, crypt plates, bases, benches, or other objects.


  • Single Grave: One plot in Cemetery. Typically would have one full body burial
  • Double Grave: Two full body burials in the same grave with a stacked orientation.
  • Cremation Grave: Cremations buried. (Up to 5 cremations in one grave, including full burial lots)
  • Monument Die: The top of an upright monument which typically sits on a base (Not a part of the maker setting fee. Coordination of placement and fees are the responsibility of the family.) Family should contact a reputable monument dealer for placement.
  • Monument Base: The bottom portion of the monument on which the die is normally placed. (Setting of the base is included in your setting fee.)
  • Memorial: Also known as monument, headstone, flush or flat marker, must be made of high quality granite, marble or U.S. Standard Bronze. Height of monument must be in proportion to the width except where grave marker is flush with ground or otherwise noted.

Important: Owner of gravesite is responsible for Marker Policy compliance. Memorial marker or monument will not be allowed to be placed in the Winton Cemetery District if it does not meet compliance. Please ask cemetery management if you are unsure as to the requirements before you order.

All markers or monuments approved or placed before 4/8/2019 have been grandfathered in.
** All markers or monuments that do not meet our regulations will be removed.**

Stone base size maximums for Blocks

31,32,33,33 Vet,34,35,36,36A,37,38 and Cypress Gardens

  • Single: 14×30 maximum base
  • Double: 14×66 maximum base
  • Triple 14×96 maximum base

Babyland 30B

  • 10×20 maximum, flat marker only

Cypress Gardens Baby

  • 14×20 with a 16″ height limit for the die. Upright Ok.

All other older sections: (Verify with cemetery for block and lot)

  • Single: 16×40 maximum base
  • Double: 16×96 maximum base
  • Triple: 16x 116 maximum base
  • Flats: 16×40 maximum base

Flat Marker ONLY for sections,
28, 28A, 30Vet, 30B, 33, 33A, 34 and 34A

  • 14×30 maximum

All upright sections height requirement limit, 3 foot on base. Base is typically 6-12″

SINGLE $200.00
DOUBLE $250.00
TRIPLE $300.00
BABY LAND $200.00

**NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE A STONE WITHOUT CONTACTING US!! (To make sure you know the correct stone size to purchase.) Also some of our sections DO NOT allow upright headstones. Please call if you have any questions. Thank you!